Microservices Architecture with eGOV System Approach

In the second seminar of the system architect series moderated by DGH (Dao Gia Hanh, CTO of FPT IS), Mr Nguyen Quang Tung – Solution Architect of FPT software – will give talk on  Microservices Architecture with eGOV System Approach.

The seminar will be at the Training room, 14th floor FPT Building Hanoi from 14h00 to 16h00, 5 February 2015.

Slide of talk is here.

Everyone interested is welcome!

Outline of seminar:

Microservices are a new approach to architecting applications that embrace and thrive on change. They are simple, single-purpose, lightweight architectural components that enable you to deliver software faster.

The microservice architectural approach also aims to lead to software that thrives on change while at the same time being secure, performant, and stable.

–          Understand Microservices in term of their Principles, Benefits and Challenges

–          Architecting and Designing for Microservice-based System Evolution

–          Build, Deploy and Manage Effective Unix-style Microservice Pipelines

–          Simplify Microservice Management using Immutable Service Deployments

–          Design and Implement Reactive Microservices

–          Apply effective health and monitoring for microservices

–          Design and Implement Microservice Failover and Auto-Recovery Strategies