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Seminar: Managing Emerging Technologies and Innovation

Dr. Mukesh Srivastava, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, College of Business, University of Mary Washington and Fulbright Specialist, will give talk on Managing Emerging Technologies and Innovation.

​The seminar will be at Tap doan room, 13th floor, FPT Building Hanoi, from 14h00 to 16h00, 16th April 2015.

Anyone interested is welcome.


Emerging technologies such as the Internet and e-Commerce based technologies have the potential to create new industries and transform existing ones. Incumbent firms, despite their superior resources, often lose out to smaller rivals in developing emerging technologies. Why do these incumbents have so much difficulty with disruptive technologies? How can they anticipate and overcome their handicaps?

This seminar on Managing Emerging Technologies present insights, tools, and frameworks from leading business thinkers based on the research of Emerging Technologies Management.


Scholars and practitioners in the field of Emerging Technology and Innovation contend that managing emerging technologies represents a “different game,” requiring a different set of management skills, frameworks, and strategies than those used by established firms to manage existing technologies. There is a continued need to examine key issues such as:

  • Common pitfalls and potential solutions for incumbent firms in managing emerging technologies
  • Strategies for assessing the potential of new markets and designing technologies to take advantage of market “lumpiness”
  • The need for scenario planning and “disciplined imagination” to develop strategies under uncertainty
  • The limits of patents in protecting gains from technology, and the use of lead time and other strategies
  • The power of innovative financial strategies and the use of real options in making investments
  • Using alliances and new organizational forms
  • Developing a “customized workplace”

New technologies are transforming markets, businesses, and society at an ever-increasing rate. We have a critical need for better road maps for managing our way through this new terrain. This seminar offers critical insights and useful new models for thinking through these challenges.  This seminar covers the emerging technology landscape-from strategy to finance to human resources

Also, it offers valuable insight for large established companies seeking growth in a dynamic market of rapid technological advancement. A thoughtful analyses is presented to help managers create strategies, select options, and organize to successfully manage the interface between imagination and knowledge

Short Bio:

Academic Degrees  

  • Bachelor of Science, Garhwal University, India
  • Master of Science, G. B. Pant University, India
  • Master of Business Administration, Jackson State University, USA
  • Doctor of Business Administration, University of Surrey, UK

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Management and Innovation
  • Technology Management
  • Global Outsourcing
  • E-Learning

Mukesh Srivastava, Associate Professor in the College of Business, holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of Surrey, U.K., and is a recipient of the prestigious Cambridge Commonwealth Fellowship. He teaches courses on strategic management in information systems and innovation, knowledge management systems, business intelligence, management of emerging technologies, and enterprise resource planning systems. His research is primarily focused on technology adoption, managing global outsourcing, and strategic management and innovation

Dr. Srivastava recently founded the International Journal of Global Management Studies and the International Journal of Global Management Studies Professional and serves as the editor-in-chief of both journals. The journals are published by the Association of Global Management Studies, which he formed as a platform for the study of global themes across management. Additionally, Dr. Mukesh is on six Editorial Boards of International Journals in IT and Management.  In 2010, the association sponsored its inaugural international conference, with Srivastava serving as chair. The group’s gatherings have been held in Said School of Business, Oxford, UC-Berkeley, Harvard Faculty Club, Harvard and Las Vegas, has drawn academics from several countries including New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Iceland, Germany, Tunisia, UK, USA etc. Dr. Srivastava chaired these conferences since 2010. The sixth (2015) International Conference of the AGMS scheduled to be held at the Columbia University.  He is an author of a textbook, entitled – eLearning via the Internet, published by Pearson Learning.


Dr. Srivastava is recipient of Fulbright Award twice.  He spent October 2011 in Tunisia as part of a Fulbright Specialist grant for 2011-12.  While in Tunisia, he developed a graduate program in management and information technology for the Tunis Business School at Tunis University.  This year he is in Vietnam working with FTP University – FSB and FTRI.  He will be reviewing graduate curricula, give lectures on MIS topics in the MBA program, and offer a seminar/workshop series on Management of Emerging Technologies and Innovation, and Managing IT Outsourcing.


In addition to his consulting engagement in SAP/ERP, he provides executive coaching on strategy and innovation.  Also, he serves on the advisory board of GS Star InfoTech, and co-chairs the advisory board of the Shree Satya Institute of Management, a post-graduate degree granting institution in India.


His articles on management and information systems have been published in national and international journals. In 2011, based on his research on outsourcing management, his interview published in a special supplement to the Wall Street Journal sponsored by SAP that discusses enterprise resource planning in China. The interview stems from his publication, “Chinese Cultural Implications for ERP Implementation” in the Journal of Technology Management and Innovation