Working Paper Series

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2017 series
  1. Viet Kh. NguyenImaginary quadratic fields of class number 2 and Levy–Hendy quadratics, April 2017
  2. Quan Hoang Vuong, Ha Nguyen, Thu-Trang Vuong, Health insurance thresholds and policy implications: A Vietnamese medical survey in 2015, March 2017
  3. Nguyen Tien DungA transfer theorem and stability of Levin-Nohel integro-differential equations, February 2017
  4. Nguyen Tien DungA stochastic predator-prey system with Watt-type functional response, February 2017
  5. Quan-Hoang VuongHealth communication, information technology and the public’s attitude toward periodic general health examinations, January 2017
2016 series
  1. Van Son NGUYEN, Quang Dung PHAM, Minh Hoang HAImproving the connectivity of a bus system: A case study of Ho Chi Minh city, November 2016